What We Do

SGB International LLC is an international import and export company. We globally distribute and deliver high quality Armenian food and beverage products.

We specialize in the marketing and sales of gourmet food and beverages, both fresh and naturally processed. We provide exceptional products and professional service. Our products must adhere to the receiving country’s regulations and labelling requirements before shipment. This guarantees our clients a completely hassle-free export distribution service. 

We only specialize in the development and adaptation of new products which are in compliance with market requirements. In the very near future, we’ll be expanding our international market to include a vast assortment of other top-notch Armenian products. Stay tuned for more details!


Our Products include but are not limited to a variety of fresh fruits (apricot, apple, wild berries, cherry, peach, pear, strawberry, pomegranate). 

Food in Jars

Baked vegetables – Eggplant, tomato, Bulgarian pepper, salt. 
Gumbo marinated – Gumbo, garlic, vinegar acid, spices, salt. 
Eggplant caviar – Eggplant, Bulgarian pepper, carrot, onion, tomato puree, greens, vegetable oil, spices, salt.  
Lecho – Tomato, Bulgarian pepper, greens, salt. 
Hot pepper marinated – Hot pepper, garlic, greens, vinegar acid, water, vegetable oil. 
Stuffed pepper – Bulgarian pepper, carrot, tomato, onion, greens, vegetable oil, salt.
Cucumber marinated – Cucumber, garlic, vinegar acid, spices, salt.
Imam Bayaldi – Eggplant, Bulgarian pepper, onion, garlic, tomato paste, greens, vegetable oil, salt.
Appetite – Hot pepper, tomato, greens, salt.
Red pepper marinated – Red pepper, garlic, greens, water, vegetable oil, vinegar acid, spices,salt.
Tomato marinated – Tomato (50-55%), hot pepper, garlic, vinegar acid, spices, salt.

These are all grilled and marinated vegetables packed in glass jars. 

Preserves and Jam

Rose petal preserve – Rose petal, sugar.
Blackthorn preserve – Blackthorn, sugar.
Blackberry preserve – Blackberry, sugar.
Green walnut preserve – Green walnut, sugar, citric acid, spices.
Quince preserve – Quince, sugar.
Pumpkin preserve – Pumpkin, sugar, spice.
Raspberry preserve – Raspberry, sugar.
Cornelian cherry preserve – Cornelian cherry, sugar.
Fig preserve – Fig, sugar, citric acid, vanilla.
White cherry preserve – White cherry, sugar, citric acid, vanilla.
Apricot preserve – Apricot, sugar.
Black mulberry preserve – Black mulberry, sugar, citric acid.
White mulberry preserve – White mulberry, sugar, citric acid.
Sour cherry preserve – Sour cherry, sugar.
Fig jam – Fig, sugar, citric acid, vanillin.
Strawberry jam – Strawberry, sugar.
Apricot jam – Apricot, sugar.

Dried Fruit and Salted Dried Vegetables

Our fruits and vegetable products are dehydrated, rather than dried via the classic method.

Apple Rings: Dehydrated, cored, and sliced. 100 Grams/pp.
Apricot Halves: Dehydrated, and pitted in halves. 250 Grams/pp.
Peach Slices: Dehydrated, peeled, pitted, and sliced. 200Grams/pp.
Prune Halves: Dehydrated, and pitted in halves. 200Grams/pp.
Fig Halves: Dehydrated. 200Grams/pp.
Tomato Chips: Sliced. 100Grams/pp.
Apple Cinnamon. Dehydrated, cinnamon powder added. 100Grams/pp.
Fruit Mix: Dehydrated apple, apricot, plum, fig, and persimmon. 300Grams/pp.

Vegetable Snacks

Tomato Chips: #1- Dehydrated tomato, red and green basil, salt.
Tomato Chips: #2- Dehydrated tomato, crushed cashew nuts, salt, pepper.
Zucchini Chips: #1- Dehydrated zucchini, dill, parsley, salt, black pepper, apple cider vinegar.
Zucchini Chips: #2- Dehydrated zucchini, red paprika pepper flakes, salt, onion flakes, apple cider vinegar.
Carrot Chips: #1- Dehydrated carrot, rosemary, salt.
Carrot Chips: #2- Dehydrated carrot, lemon juice, salt.
Beetroot Chips: #1- Dehydrated beetroot, ginger powder.
Beetroot Chips: #2- Dehydrated beetroot, rosemary, garlic, salt, vinegar.



Natural, raw organic honey produced in various regions across Armenia. (All certificates are attached with each bulk package).


For these and more of what Armenia has to offer, for more information if you’re interested in visiting Armenia for a product-based tour or would like samples of the listed items sent to your country please contact us.